We spearhead lead generation and promotions campaign for licensed professionals. Our main focus is Mortgage Agents and Brokers, Realtors and Brokers, Lawyers, Accountants, Financial Advisors, Dentists, Pharmacists, and Insolvency Trustees.

We how many of you reading this have paid for leads that do not convert. We know how many of you especially Realtors have been fined for calling home phones and cell phones that are on do-not-call list.

Our founder worked in the Banking sector for 16 years and part of that time she was a Senior Manager developing business for banks. She created something different based on her experience. So you are not dealing with a lead gen company located in India and USA who do not understand Canadian expectations.


We meet for a one-on-one consultation with our potential lead generation clients.


We want to understand why you're passionate about your business. What drives you?


If we send you leads, these are not just numbers but people who are looking for your services.


We will work with you as a team for the time that you will be our lead generation client.

About Us

What will our Lead Gen do differently? We will direct leads to you for you to qualify them. We can not tell you that we will send you ‘qualified’ leads because it’s not our responsibility to qualify people in your licensed area. It’s your responsibility. And this is where the mainstream lead gens you are working with go wrong. They talk to people for you and you trust that they have done due diligence to protect your license. No, they have not and they are not required to. The bitter truth is that…. it’s your responsibility…… it’s your license.

So what will we do differently you ask?

Reach customers with confidence.

We spearhead lead generation and promotions campaign for licensed professionals.

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We will get potential clients to call you directly. We will direct the lead campaign to you. There will be no intervention or anyone delaying the process of you talking to your prospective clients directly. This is a very huge project. Do not take it for granted. This is why we registered a separate corporation because the scope is huge. Now you all know that we have spent a lot of our money already paying Lawyers, web developers, and sleepless nights to get this project ready from idea to implementation. For that reason, we will not give free consultation. We are charging for consultation because first off, we are not looking for a million clients who need leads we are looking for a few Agents and Brokerages to work for. If you are the one who is seriously willing to pay us for 30 minutes non-refundable $97 consultation fee, you will be able to pay a one-time consultation fee through our lead website here below.

About Us

Why Consultation?

We do not believe that one size fits all. We would like to know your own specific business objective and the goal, you have set for yourself to see if we are your best fit. We would like to know how you have been finding clients so we know if we are coming to add value or not. If we can not add value to what you are already doing we will not waste your time. After the consultation, if you allow our lead gen corporation to work for you, you will put an initial deposit down for us and our team to get to work for you.

After we have sent you sufficient quality leads within two weeks, it’s your responsibility to convert them into clients. As soon as you convert enough to pay your money back, you will put another deposit down for us to work for you again. What this means is there are no long term contracts. All systems go! The lead train is passing your way, hop on, or be left out. The lead-gen is for licensed professionals first. The second phase will be Restaurants.

About Us